Captivating News – Google Will Rank Facts in the Future

Google Will Rank Facts in The Future

csm1Google researches are working on a way to judge websites not by trust, but by accuracy. Google has been building a database with the accumulated knowledge of the human race, called the Knowledge Vault. Bots can text on web pages, then check against what’s in the vault and scan for new information.

Google is currently testing, and the system is not yet ready for the entire Internet. When it does come out, however, it will dwarf Panda and Penguin and change the way pages are ranked. In the future, web pages with factual inaccuracies will no longer be credible because just because they have a large number of quality links.

How Social Media Contests and Giveaways Can Boost Your Business

csm2Big companies and small ones alike can get a lot of recognition from giving something away. It can be as easy as offering a t-shirt or other product in return for “likes.” You’ll get plenty of exposure and branding just for a small expenditure. 

Larger companies can offer big cash prizes and get lots of sales; smaller ones can target their audience and appeal to a niche.

If you don’t want to offer a monetary prize, think of something you know your potential customers will want. If you create new products daily or in bulk, give items away regularly. This will help you boost your social media exposure and brand.

Crisis Management: Look for Early Warning Signs

csm3An alert system can help mitigate the effects of a social media crisis. Start with a list of messages that have triggered negative feedback in the past. Talk with sales reps, customer support, and legal counsel to see what issues they’ve encountered. Pay attention to executives, competitors, industry news, location news, area events, controversy, and complaints.

If something happens, be strategic. Create a workflow, establish an internal notification system, draft key messages, get them approved, and identify the channels you’ll use to get them out. Add crisis management to a list of measurable quarterly goals and map out crisis protocols.