Captivating News – Google Now Indexing iOS App Content

Google Now Indexing iOS App Content

csm1Google announced last week that iOS users who are searching the Internet via the Google app will now be able to find content on other iOS apps. Currently, a small section of apps have this functionality, including OpenTable, Pinterest, and YouTube. It’s working on indexing more.

You’ll need to have the participating apps installed in your iPhone or iPad. However, the new feature also means you’ll be able to discover new apps through Google Search (this is already available for Android users). For example, you can search for a certain kind of game and Google will find apps that match your query.

Longer Search Queries Are Becoming the Norm

The way people use search engines is changing, and people are using longer queries. This is partly because, in the old days, Google broke apart queries and searched for separate keywords. Today, “semantic search” analyses the intent of a query, so short searches are less effective. Also, voice-based searches are making searches more conversational.

To get in front of this trend, eliminate keyword-based SEO tactics. Use long-tail keywords, which are topics and extended phrases that people are searching for. And make sure you have a niche that’s specific, with topics that answer specific questions.

Why Unoptimized Sites Rank High

Young lady is trying to find some answers in the internet.

Young lady is trying to find some answers in the internet.

This happens for a number of reasons. Google’s algorithm looks at click-through rate and bounce rate; if a site’s bounce rate is low, it’s considered more relevant and maintains good rankings. Also, older sites rank well, and there’s not much you can do about this except wait and improve.

Google looks at the relevancy and authority of backlinks, not just the number. Cross-linking helps. And content quality is important – sites that are too thin or using duplicate content suffer. Also, some keywords are low in competition, and don’t get updated by Google as much. Google also looks for a “natural” growth rate. Avoid worrying about your competitors and improve your own site instead!