Captivating News – Getting More Links That Count

Getting More Links That Count

csm1First, know your competitors, the ones ahead of you in search results. Find your competitors’ best links, and that will give you quality link opportunities. Check for Google penalties. Evaluate your opportunities closely. Based on how your competitor got the link, you’ll probably have to take individual paths to obtaining similar links. 

Analyze the link to find out what page it’s on, where on the page it is, what content supplements the link, where the link goes, and how recent the link is.

Now, create custom content – blogs, listings, profiles, banners, images, video – to help get your website link placed well, and then obtain your links. Use guest blogging, directories, Q&A sites, and custom resources.

Generating Awesome Content for Your Site

csm2Use content idea generators. Read comments on niche blogs for ideas. Keep on top of what’s happening; new advances often make for good topics. Keep an eye on social media, so you can see what your audience is discussing with their peers. 

Base your post of other successful posts. Mimic the style and structure when you craft your own post. Make a killer headline.

Take copious notes – always be prepared when your brain lights up with an idea. Be experimental. Let people live vicariously through your words. Shine a different light on old content; for example, create an infographic from your information.

How Content Marketing, Lead Generation, and Demand Gen Work Together

csm3Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that’s focused on the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract and retain an audience. Lead generation is a database-building activity; it means that you know who your prospective customer is. Demand generation is about influencing a market and creating demand for your products or services.

You need lead generation as one step of of demand generation. The three work together because you need content marketing in both generation programs; quality content should be part of your planning process to achieve your objectives.