Captivating News – Facebook Tips for Marketing on a Zero Budget

Facebook Tips for Marketing on a Zero Budget

csm1Some small companies don’t have funds to use Facebook ads, but you can use tools to build awareness and a social following. Use Page Insights to analyze your posts, and look for patterns and trends. Did images work well? What kind of comments are you getting?

Do not post sub-par content, riddled with keywords. Replicate your winning formula to develop shareable posts. What gets people excited? What’s trending? How can you be useful and valuable? Target with intent, and remember that timing is everything. Early mornings and nighttime are best, but you should look at your own audience. Tie posts in to email marketing.

Build a Brand With Purpose

csm2Content marketing advice comes in tactical and strategic veins, but you also need a purpose. This is crucial to providing direction, telling powerful stories, and creating consistent content. Purpose trickles down. Content marketing isn’t good at purely promoting your product or service, so you do this by providing value based off of consumer insights.

Content can communicate your purpose and build your audience around a story. It drives content creation, strategy, and implementation. Your story can be simple, but every asset aligns with it so it barely feels like promotion. A melding of brand, purpose, and content is ideal. The very act of conforming to your purpose will cement your organization’s core beliefs.

Treat User Engagement Metrics as a Ranking Signal

csm3Google recently announced that user engagement metrics were not an influential signal, which surprised many. However, this shouldn’t change your strategy. You should continue with a holistic digital strategy that utilizes engaging content creation. Digital PR and blogger engagement campaigns should continue, because link acquisition is still important.

The recent introduction of two user-centric patents shows that Google is focusing on user engagement, and these metrics show Google that you’re relevant to what searchers want. If you’re ranking competitively for terms and have good user engagement metrics, hold tight and see what happens with your competition.