Captivating News – Evergreen Pages as SEO Powerhouses

Evergreen Pages as SEO Powerhouses

csm1What is an evergreen page? It’s a single page on your website that consistently earns organic traffic for a given keyword. It is a comprehensive strategy, not a method. Evergreen pages include product category pages, as they are the pages most likely to rank, and easier to focus on than every single product page. They also include content-driven pages and home pages.

Create evergreen pages by picking a single longtail keyword. Create a keyword-driven URL. Optimize your title. Make sure to use an optimized H1. Stock your evergreen page with quality content. Update the page frequently: 25 percent every 1-3 months is ideal. Add additional pages and make sure there’s a consistent rate of link acquisition.

Are Landing Pages Killing Your Conversion Rate?

csm2If you’re celebrating .5 percent increases, your landing page may be killing your conversions. Consider trying some new things. Use call extensions instead of landing pages. Use new ad formats and ditch the actual landing page altogether.

Compel more site visitors by using Shopping Ads or new industry-specific ad formats for hotels, cars, and mortgages (if applicable). Use Ad Customizers to create urgency. Use Similar Audiences to find visitors more likely to convert. Use remarketing to convert abandoners. Try a new sign up flow. Remember, you have the power to change things – and big changes produce big results.

Are You Ready for Instagram’s Open Advertising?

csm3By the end of the year, you’ll be able to by ad space on Instagram’s photo feed. Possible cool visual strategies include utilizing the already-available Carousel Ads, which are multiple images accessible by swiping. It’s a good chance for brands to tell stories or show step-by-step processes.

Also, ads will include click-through buttons for selling directly on Instagram. Consider using these options to do a visual series related to a theme, incorporate visual hooks, create original content that works for your brand, or make something fun.