Captivating News – Elements of a Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy

Elements of a Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy

csm1Interruption marketing, in which a consumer’s flow of activity is interrupted, isn’t as effective as inbound marketing, which consists of earning attention organically. Spam, paid email lists, and TV ads are examples of the former: SEO, PPC, opt-in email lists, and earned social media are part of the latter.

A good strategy includes search engine optimization, because you need to be found in order to get business. PPC paid search ads are important, because you have more control over how you appear on search pages. Content marketing is critical because it allows you to keep and convert your leads. Social media helps you attract customers. And good landing pages are relevant, focused, and designed well. Look at remarketing as well.

Should Your Brand Be Live-Streaming?

csm2Live-streaming isn’t for everyone. Some brands are seeing success, but the use of live-streaming in branding is actually limited. In most cases, it’s preferable to create a video that can be edited and polished. On Periscope, research indicates that less than three percent of its user base is broadcasting versus watching.

Most live-streaming is being done by influential social media users. Still, it’s a medium rife with opportunity, and wider outreach is always good. Just don’t fall for the hype and the noise; live-streaming may not work for you. Doing a platform well is more important than just doing it.

The Case for YouTube Advertising

csm3You need to get your brand in front of your market, and YouTube plays a key role in doing this. Numerous studies show that brand searches increase as a result of consistent advertising on YouTube.

YouTube is a key cog in the remarketing wheel. It helps drive business with audience lists, provides an opportunity to reach a large audience, and offers cheap view costs. It also helps with storytelling, if you make fun and engaging ads, tell your story sequentially, and communicate your call to action quickly. It’s difficult to measure success, but you can take what works and expand.