Captivating News – Do You Have A Diversified Local Strategy?

Do You Have A Diversified Local Strategy?

csm1If you’re gambling, you don’t put all your money on one number. Yet many marketers rely on just one or a few tactics, and that makes it hard to adjust to changes that occur frequently in the digital marketing landscape. A diversified strategy is the only approach local marketers should consider.

Use social properties like Facebook, Pinterest, and Yelp. Consider sales promotion resources like Groupon. Upload videos to attract attention. Blogs, newsletters, and email support increases in traffic. Don’t just focus on Google rankings. It may seem overwhelming, but you must apply all media, promotion, and publicity tactics online into a diversified plan that is measurable.

Driving Title Tag Click-Throughs

csm2The website that ranks first gets the most clicks – up to 53 percent of them, in fact. But you can drive more by optimizing the title tag. This is the blue clickable snippet of text that appears in search engines. It should include main keywords, but also four elements that drive click-throughs: Low price, freshness, volume, and speed.

Incorporating the low price title tag encourages people to click your link first. If you can showcase fresh, new content in your title tag that helps, too. If you have a list of items you’re discussing in content, mention those. If speed is a selling point, note that. These incentives can also be used in PPC and social media ads.

U.S. Mobile Browser Traffic Growing Fast

csm3A new report says that mobile browser traffic is two times bigger, and growing faster, than app traffic. This means your brand’s mobile web presence remains a critical factor in your digital customer experience journey. You need to optimize for mobile.

Time spent in apps is still high, but that number is skewed because of the time people spend in games, social media (especially Facebook), and messaging. This means they are only using a few specific apps. Your app needs to provide enough utility that people use it every day. It also means your mobile web experience must be a focus, and it makes sense to advertise within popular apps.