Captivating News – Daily Habits Guaranteed to Give You Higher Rankings

Daily Habits Guaranteed to Give You Higher Rankings

csm1Build daily habits that improve SEO and marketing success. Every day, you should write and publish one article, because new content is the single best way to drive traffic to your site. Update one old article: change the title, the headings, the intro, add a section, add links, rewrite the conclusion, gain a link, or share.

Post a link to an article on every social media platform. Interact on at least one forum; promote intelligent discussion. Reply to one tweet, Google+ update, FB post or LinkedIn discussion. All this work will take less than two hours a day and have a snowball effect. Plus, you’ll develop skill and ability over time.

How Interactive Content Will Help Your Bottom Line

csm2 You should establish social dialogue as part of your content. Do this through interactive and side-scrolling graphics, along with guided animated content. When video is good, it holds viewers’ attention, and goes towards creating a positive user experience and increasing visibility.

Consider putting together a choose-your-own-adventure tour. This educates the public and advocates making good decisions. And then there is more conventional interactive content, such as quizzes, surveys, and calculators. These are simple tools that can help streamline your calls to action. Make sure to value quality over quantity, use a story-first approach, and look to add value to the user experience.

Living in the Micro-Moment

csm3People are using mobile devices to perform quick queries in the moment, right when they need information. Implement a strategy that includes a moments map, which can examine the entire consumer journey. Understand customer needs at every moment, and then use context to deliver the right experience. Optimize across this journey.

Google breaks down types of searches into four categories: I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, and I want to buy. Look at your queries, tailor mobile-specific ad copy, and investigate remarketing. Use cross-device conversions as a guide. Focus on the user and the situation and intent of every moment in the buying cycle.