Captivating News – Creative Ways to Boost ROI

Creative Ways to Boost ROI

csm3How can you boost the ROI of your content marketing initiatives? First, create a documented strategy; 60 percent of companies with one had success with content marketing. Create resource articles, which are king.

Leverage content upgrades in your articles. For one thing, use email. Email content drives conversions. You can offer subscribers incentives to get them to sign up. These content upgrades are relevant and help users transact with you immediately. Also leverage content upgrades in your guest posts. If you offer bonus incentives that readers must sign up to receive, you’ll get good results.

Gaming Google in 2015

csm2If you’re in SEO, “gaming” Google is what you do. The good news is, there will never be an easier time to use SEO than right now. Over time, it’ll be harder to reverse-engineer ranking factors. The reality is, you must engage in SEO to do well in a competitive niche. You must write for users and search engines both.

Keyword density isn’t a reliable metric by itself any longer. A page has to be useful, and has to semantically earn the right to be on the front of the search results. Make sure your page is truly deserving; review ranking pages and related phrases and look for patterns. High quality content and links will help you earn your position.

What to Know About the 2015 Holiday Shopping Season

csm1It’s almost the make-or-break season for most e-commerce brands, and preparation is key. About 60 percent of brands will start promotion in September, with 29 percent doing it earlier than last year. After all, 74 percent of businesses say holiday sales account for 20 percent of their annual take.

Amazon gets 50 percent of sales in the U.S. for retailers. Brand websites come in at 23 percent, and third-party marketplaces that aren’t eBay or Amazon get 10 percent. Paid search gets seven percent. Black Friday is the most profitable day for most businesses, with Cyber Monday not far behind, and 82 percent of e-commerce brands are expecting sales to grow.