Captivating News – Creating Social Media Content That Calls for Interaction

Creating Social Media Content That Calls for Interaction

csm1Every post on your feed should be concerned with user experience. You don’t need to be blatant in your call to response, but being clever about it calls for forethought. It isn’t enough to post a pretty picture, a serious article, or witty emojis. And it’s tacky to ask followers to respond in a certain way.

You should be creating content that’s strategic – fun, but on brand. Consider native videos, which are the top performing posts on Facebook. Don’t force the call to action. Make fans want to participate. If it’s on topic, it will forward the momentum toward organic brand evangelists. And, it will become self-propagating.

Writing Strong Emails

csm2You may spend lots of time on an email, only to find that no one’s opening it. It’s hard to craft great emails, but it’s also important. This is a marketing tool that needs to be built up and maintained.

To create successful emails, treat each subscriber like an individual. Don’t sent out junk; provide subscribers with something valuable. Reward your readers. Treat them as your inner circle; tell them about sales and news first. Maintain a consistent presence, be straightforward, and make use of power words (sensory, emotional, strong verbs) to make your email stand out. Don’t try to be clever. For mobile devices, use larger fonts, simple content, and put content into a single column.

What’s in a Keyword?

It’s important to review, analyze, and refresh keywords. Review your campaigns and ad groups to ensure your structure is working for you. Kill the crap – look at the keywords and check for ones with no impressions, high costs, low click-through, and low Quality Scores.

Put your best keywords in a separate campaign so they can have a dedicated budget. Use tools to determine if there are other keyword opportunities. Look at the negative keywords to make sure you’re paying only for terms relevant to your business.