Captivating News – Creating Effective Subject Lines

Creating Effective Subject Lines

csm1Users get brand messaging in their mailboxes daily. Evoke intrigue and interest. Personalize your subject so people know they’re getting something relevant and worthwhile. Be simple – give users an idea of what to expect, but leave them wanting to know more.

Make sure your subject line is consistent with the messaging. Think of your subject line as a headline. Don’t make your subject line too long; one that’s too short makes people think your email won’t provide value. Use between six and ten words for best results. Optimize your subject lines to get a better ROI and more conversions.

Getting Your Community to Submit SEO Content

csm2An active community is good. User-generated content is effective because customers know what other customers like. It can increase traffic and help you earn links. To find content, make it easy to submit, with multiple entry points to access the online community. 

Create comprehensive profiles that highlight users’ achievements and contributions.

Offer incentives, such as a discount. Launch contests and share them on social media. Use hashtags.  Spotlight your top contributors in a newsletter or blog post. Also, try asking! People may be happy to contribute, especially if your community is engaged and passionate.

Psychological Tricks to Exploit in PPC Copy

csm3You’re being manipulated every day by smart marketers, so perfect your PPC ad copy to do the same. Combine emotional triggers with personalized copy. Persuade people to take action. Appeal to the fear of being left out, which can create urgency. Think outside the box and be a bit bizarre.

Use interesting language – creative adjectives, bastardized cliches, attention-getting words. Prioritize the headline of your ad, because people tend to remember the first and last items on the list. Use repetition. The more we hear or read a statement, the more inclined we are to believe it. Create a slogan or call-to-action, use remarketing lists for search ads, and repurpose marketing messages across similar channels.