Captivating News – Crafting A Killer Pinterest Page

Crafting A Killer Pinterest Page

Even if you don’t have cats, you can have a great Pinterest page. Pinterest is actually very powerful, and is weighted to the tried and true. Older, reliable pins do well year after year. Create, share, and curate pins that deliver unique value to users.

Make your profile page sing with a current photo, your location, your website address, and links to social media. Use keywords in your profile description. Pick the right boards – top topics include food and drink, DIY, home decor, fashion, weddings, and design. Track your pins to your website. Describe your images and why they are interesting; these use keywords. Use active phrasing. Start small.

Analyzing Indirect Competitors to Help Link Building

Indirect competitors sell different products or services to your audience. You might be limiting yourself if you’re only look at direct competitors; looking at indirect ones allows you to broaden your ideas and inspiration base. Chances are higher of finding link opportunities and ideas, plus it can help you grow your influencer list.

Find out how they’re speaking to your audience and identify purchase triggers and sales hooks. Find your indirect competitors by looking for companies offering similar solutions, alternate solutions, similar business models, and similar keywords in similar industries. Then do a traditional competitive analysis to diversify your link-building efforts.

Great Examples of Content Presentation

csm3The secret to success is great content and artful presentation. Content costs 1/3 of traditional outbound marketing and generates three times the leads. Make sure your content is presented in the right way, or what it means won’t matter. 

Give your content an easy-to-navigate interface.

Prioritize content by ensuring white space, creating a clear visual hierarch, and prioritizing images. Make sure to create audience-specific content offered, with consistent typography and multimedia offerings to establish credibility. Create neat and clean layouts. And use signature styling to manage a lot of content within limited spaces.