Captivating News – Content Marketing Metrics You Aren’t Measuring

Content Marketing Metrics You Aren’t Measuring

csm1Only 49 percent of marketers only use basic metrics, and 17 percent have no metrics at all. Look at what matters, including average finish, which reveals engagement level. Look at content longevity, the number of return readers, and time engaged with content. 

You’ll also want to measure audience contribution, the life cycle from the time a user signs up for an email to a purchase, and how many links you’re getting from thought leaders.

Also, don’t forget cost effectiveness. Make sure you know how many leads you’re getting per keyword, and figure out if you can make a direct link from content marketing and increased revenue. Know your production costs and distribution costs per piece.

Are There Outdated Link Techniques?

Guest blogging became abused, but it can still be respected when someone is asked to contribute to an authoritative site. Directory listings are reviled, but relevant local ones still matter. Expired domains can still be located and used successfully. Infographics have power. 

Link building gets a bad rap, but we can all work together and realize there’s a place for every method.

Balance is good, and comes from not putting all your eggs in one basket. Some techniques might seem less effective today, but if done well, may still work in small quantities. What is outdated: the idea that there’s just one way to do well online.

The Psychological Side of eCommerce

csm3Online shops use techniques that influence buyer decision, such as creating a feeling of urgency – there are only X items left, or X hours left. Use words like “now,” “immediately,” “instant” and “hurry up.” Pricing tricks include the decoy effect, offering one pricing plan that seems more of a deal than another.

Social proof should not be underestimated: reviews, orders count, number of customers, social sharers, followers. Gamification lets people achieve something – rewards, badges, a mystery wheel. You should test these marketing strategies to find your best solutions, and make sure to take your conversion rate into account.