Captivating News – Building Community Around Your Blog

Building Community Around Your Blog

csm1A blog isn’t a place to dump content. You want to build a community – one that is sustainable in the long term. Be personable and approachable. Be helpful. Understand your reader, so you can solve their problems and entice them to visit again. 

Fully integrate your social presence. Bring the discussion to other platforms.

Comment back. Make sure you respond to comments, and show your readers you appreciate them. Have regular meetups to discuss issues with your readers in real-time. Have weekly round-ups where you gather the best content you posted or saw.

Perfecting Landing Page Forms

csm2Web forms are subject to “Goldilocks syndrome” – they must be just right. Only ask for information you must have. After seven fields in a form, conversion rates drop off steeply.

Don’t be afraid of white space. It’ll make your form look nicer and less intimidating. Spend time on the call to action, so people know why they’re going through this. Focus on the benefits of your offer. Use radio buttons to minimize typing, because people are lazy. Use directional visual cues – you can never make it too obvious – and line of sight cues to draw attention to the form. Design your landing page forms for mobile. Then, A/B test everything.

Having A Facebook Business Page That Rocks

csm3Ask yourself why, what, who and how. Look your best by choosing a good profile image and cover image. Post regularly, but not too much; one solid post in the morning and one in the evening is good, but be regular. Understand the platform and fix your page using Page Insights.

Respond to comments, as discussion makes for great engagement. Cross-promote on your business card, email, website. Also, invest in advertisements, and think of the calendar as you do so. Be valuable; post 80 percent original content and 20 percent promotional. Slices of life, fun facts, or pictures of the day are good. Entertain.