Captivating News – Build Links Using Data-Driven Content & Blogger Outreach

Build Links Using Data-Driven Content & Blogger Outreach

csm3You can get smarter about link building by earning links through quality content and blogger outreach. Links are still a critical ranking factor on Google, they build authority, and position your brand in the minds of customers. Links are the by-product of great content marketing. Don’t use shortcuts.

Do create daily blog posts, resource centers, galleries, reviews, comparisons, white papers, and infographics. Do your keyword research. Use a Google search to see what your audience wants. Use data to put together ideas for content generation. Use tools to pull data and leverage it. 

Determine the sites you want to work with. Uncover influencers, but see what your competitors are up to.

Write Blogs Your Audience Cares About

csm1It’s getting harder to write unique content that stands out and resonates with your audience. First, know why and how people search. Around 72 percent are looking for solutions, and the rest are window shoppers. You want the first group, who are in a hurry, and will skim results.

So write copy to satisfy a searcher’s needs. Build trust. Listen and be respectful. Build exposure and authority. Elaborate on your company and provide insight into your experience with customers, markets, and industries. Add checklists, expert opinions, how-tos, news, insights, and time-saving tricks. Focus on exciting prospects and customers. If you don’t share it, someone else will.

Are Multi-Channel Efforts Undermining Your PPC?

csm2Your marketing channels should cooperate to create a cohesive message, and PPC marketing is fraught with reminders that congruence is key. Look to Google Analytics’ Multi Channel Funnels to look at online channels in which you’re seeing the most activity.

What other marketing channels are being used? How early do you plan the creative for each channel? What restrictions do you work under when planning content? Get a clear understanding of what channels are being used and what message or goal is being represented by varying media types. Then you can coordinate to reinforce messaging using brand imagery and language.