Captivating News – Build Links Through Content Marketing

Build Links Through Content Marketing

csm1Link building can be a dangerous game, but it works. More links correlate with higher rankings. Content marketing is becoming a primary method of link building.

Reach out to influencers and build relationships. Do some guest blogging, focusing on top-notch, relevant content. Snag an interview to expand your network, and promote it. Create an expert roundup post. Put together a useful guide that addresses the struggles of your audience. Make an infographic, get listed on directories, engage your communities, use broken link building, and get some press. Also, consider partnering up with another company to benefit the both of you.

Infiltrate Communities for Links

To be effective in SEO, we need links. View websites in your industry and find their social media profiles. Become part of their communities, so you’ll show up in their feeds. Create a linkable message, one that has a long media momentum that gives webmaster a chance to share their own opinions.

Your message should be incomplete. Don’t mention background information on your website, so that people will click to find out more, but do make sure your message has a good title and an interesting image. Repeat this, and you’ll soon create your own followers.

Why Being Personal Is the Key to Successful Content

csm3Stories can create powerful content. We live in an overly cluttered world, and people want to see things that are personal. Personal content provides authenticity, which is vital. It also makes things more real. People want information, especially if it makes them feel smart.

Creating a personal brand online can increase traffic to your site. Set up a twitter account. Have business blogs under your name, so you can set up a unique voice. As people learn to trust you, you can strengthen your brand. Focus on authentic stories of moments, in your own voice. Pay attention to flow. Have a “personal” business social media profile, interact with your clients, and maintain a focus for your stories and brand.