Captivating News – Build A Killer Conversion Strategy

Build A Killer Conversion Strategy

csm1 If you don’t have a million dollars to spend on conversion rate optimization – or even a budget, you’ll have to make time instead. Use free tools to help you out. Know that stylistic changes make some difference, but not much. Content changes, however, can increase your CRO by up to 20 percent.

Test to find elements that perform well; then, keep testing, because the web is always changing. Determine the conversions you must improve, form a hypothesis on how to do this, identify the variables that can be adjusted, run an experiment, and measure the results. Learn from your losers, and make sure your tests are about your customers. Play the long game; you’re investing in a process.

Creating Long, Evergreen Content

csm2Crafting in-depth, relevant content is required these days. Google loves it, so you’ll get a better click-through rate and a privileged position in search engine results. The average length of top 10 results is in the 2,300-2,450 words range.

People would rather check out a trustworthy online source with all details in one place – even if they’re on smartphones. Timeless articles rank well in search engine results, generate leads for the longest period of time, and keep you in the public eye without making you seem outdated. Make sure to do your homework; optimize your content creation process with keyword density, an ideal structure, linking, and quality; and expand your sharing strategy.

Simple Tips to Grow Your Social Media Followers

csm3Having trouble getting new followers? Capitalize on online influencers by interviewing them for your blog. Make sure to add a clear call-to-action on all your blog posts, so readers and viewers will add you in their social media connections.

Run a contest with your email list, and tell them that the requirement for entering is an add on social media. Make sure the steps are simple, the prize is enticing, and the mechanics are easy. Create a job post, and require people to add you before they can apply. Add content lockers, in which the only way to see a full template is to click a social sharing or like button.