Captivating News – Branding That Got Millennial Marketing Right

Branding That Got Millennial Marketing Right

csm1Millennials are a trillion-dollar demographic made up of individuals born between 1980-2000, always connected, looking for healthier lifestyles and authentic causes. They are not a uniform group. Brands who have nailed marketing strategies must consider stages of life.

Create an experience that Millennials can participate in, and develop shareable content around it. Millennials like living stories and wish to align themselves with good causes. You should recognize Millennials’ evolving lifestyles and change with them. Disrupt the market with innovation in marketing and pricing. Increase brand loyalty by embracing trends. Let consumers contribute to marketing. Speak directly to a personal moment in life. Know your market, and focus on convenience. Make products personal and customizable. Solve a need.

Keys to Better Keyword Analysis

Use keyword intent analysis to understand the ripple effect of intent. Someone looking for “wedding cake” might want pictures; someone searching for “wedding cake boston” might be ready to sign a contract. Non-transactional terms like “how” “diy” and “free” can still help you remarket.

Keyword/SERP analysis is not all equal. Leverage the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool in Adwords to get a sense of the SERP based on location and device of user. Once you know the SERP, you can make an informed decision on bidding. In Keyword Cost Analysis, be mindful of a keyword’s average cost per click. Handle a good keyword correctly by focusing the campaign on location, time, and income level.

Tracking Important PPC Stats

csm2Do you know what a reasonable click-through rate is for your ads? Are you spending too much? How much revenue could you be earning? Are your keywords working? Answering these can help you make informed decisions about your campaign.

Track daily and monthly camTrapaign spend. Then, look at coverage and impression share to find problems and monitor your campaign’s overall health. Track daily and monthly clicks from campaigns so you can distinguish cyclical fluctuations from trends. Know your click-through rate, and know your conversion rate. Also, track your competitors.