Captivating News – Boost Your Social Channels Using Metrics

Boost Your Social Channels Using Metrics

csm1Follower numbers still matter; keep track of growth and know how big your audience is. Look at owned coverage and earned coverage, which shows the impact your own activity has on your audience. Focus on spikes to see what kinds of content are driving earned mentions.

Get a broad view of your numbers, using metrics that tell you what’s most engaging and which posts are performing the best. You can use this to optimize overall performance. Benchmark multiple accounts to refine your activities and find out how different social channels stack up against each other. Compare your metrics with other brands. Being able to understand and measure performance is critical.

Stop Wasting Your AdWords Budget

csm2Google AdWords is a fluctuating auction with constant ebbs and flows. Make one mistake, and you could waste a lot of money. So, only bid on profitable times of the day or week. Allocate more of your budget to hours that have the highest positive impact on conversion rates. 

Bid higher on the most profitable locations.

When you sign up for AdWords, the location target defaults to everywhere. Change that. Target the right zip codes, cities, and states. And make adjustments for mobile, whether that means bidding up or down based upon mobile performance for your brand. If you don’t bid high enough on mobile you won’t get any visibility because only the first two spots are seen.

Make Your Video Go Viral (The Scientific Way)

When you’re creating a video, aim to evoke high-arousal positive emotional responses. These are shared more, especially if there’s exhilaration involved. Within the different types of creative devices, stories of personal triumph work best, and average more shares even if they don’t generate high arousal levels.

Feature the name of the brand early – in the first 10 seconds – and often. Use visual and verbal cues. Invest in paid distribution and quality reach. A video that isn’t viewed by many people can’t be shared, and more than 90 percent of people won’t share. Also, consumers who’ve found your video through a recommendation are 97 percent more likely to purchase the advertised product.