Captivating News – Become a Part of the Live-Streaming Revolution

Become a Part of the Live-Streaming Revolution

csm1In a few years, about three-quarters of all web traffic will be video. Use live-streaming apps to create and share videos immediately. Meerkat is a startup with an open API that’s free, but a bit glitchy. Periscope is owned by Twitter. It’s also free, with an easy-to-use interface and a large user community.

Open lines of communication, use product demonstrations and promotions, break news, increase your thought leadership, go behind the scenes. Plan out the general idea beforehand and don’t panic. Cater to your audience. Be repetitive with a regular schedule. Converse in real-time. Build your community.

Prepare for Holiday 2015

The holiday season is about to take center stage. Put your product feed to work by considering the Yahoo Bing Network – 52 percent of retail searches there are unique to Bing. Reach them with Product Ads. Also, expand product-specific ad efforts into social with Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads so you can take advantage of target and cross-sell opportunities.

Mobile devices are key, as they continue to generate ad clicks and conversions. You should invest in cross-device tracking and feed what you learn back into your optimization decisions. Consider emerging channels and formats, such as “buy” buttons, Instagram Ads, and Yahoo Gemini.

Write SEO Optimized E-Commerce Copy

csm3Correct SEO means your site will show up in search results. For e-commerce sites, with many pages and a Ferris wheel of shifting products, these sites face certain challenges. To ensure good SEO, pay attention to product descriptions. Include a good amount of text that’s original, informative, and dense.

Include product reviews to build buyer confidence. Use keywords to optimize your pages and use model numbers and brand names. Avoid keyword stuffing. Optimize your URLs so that they are speaking URLs, having been optimized both for SEO and human readability. All this isn’t difficult, but can boost your success.