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Be A Better Copywriter

csm1When making a small request of readers, give any reason why they should do it and it’ll work! Offer people value and know whom you’re targeting. Successful marketing does not involve guessing, so track your ROI to find out what’s working. Frame your requests in terms of a related principles and beliefs.

Everyone is motivated by survival, enjoyment of food and beverages, freedom from fear and pain, sexual companionship, comfort, superiority, protection of loved ones, and social approval. Relate to any of these factors to improve sales. Also, simplicity is good. Use short words, sentences and paragraphs, and personal pronouns. Stand out by determining the stages that a market can develop into, and then show – don’t tell.

Google Shopping Updates To Know This Holiday Season

The new Shopping Assortment Report helps you identify popular products that might be missing from your feed, especially if there’s high demand. Filter to see what products make the most sense for your business.

The line of promotional text found in Product Listing Ads is gone, to be replaced by an automated extension pulled from the Merchant Center and feed. This means less manual customization, but you should optimize your feed. Google is prioritizing local inventory ads so shoppers get more tailed ads at opportune times. Advertisers must keep pace with these updates to make the most of the new formats.

How Much Time and Money Small Businesses Spend on Social Media

csm3Most small businesses spend about six hours per week on social media, and 55 percent have blogs. The average post takes 1-3 hours to create. Most post on Facebook and Twitter several times a week, but don’t do Pinterest and LinkedIn.

About 66 percent of small businesses are spending more time on social media compared to a year ago. They spend most of their time finding and posting content; learning and education comes next. Social media budgets are on the rise; most small businesses have increased their budget, and about 36 percent pay for publishing and analytics tools.