Captivating News – Balancing Planning with Spontaneity on Social Media

Balancing Planning With Spontaneity on Social Media

Social media can be difficult because it’s data-driven and requires consistency. However, great social brands are whimsical, surprising, and act like people instead of businesses. As a strategy, consider using the element of surprise. Unexpected stimuli can elicit emotion and capture attention. 

People want spontaneity; otherwise content reeks of self-promotion.

Millennials are novelty seekers so your brand should be say interesting things. Remember, though, you can plan a relevant, unique, timely piece of content. You can create a culture where content can be concepted and approved quickly. Make a balance of 80 percent planned, 20 percent spontaneity, so there’s genuine reaction involved. Spontaneity actually involved autonomy, collaboration, and availability.

Create Accurate Buyer Personas

csm2Making assumptions about your customers can be terrible for your business, which is why creating complex buyer personas for your target audience is important. These are composites of the values, behaviors, and characteristics of perfect customers, involving demographics, motivations, and goals.

Use demographic data to help you segment your market into subcategories. It’s a good place to start. Once you know ages, genders, education level, and income level, you can flesh your persona out with analytics data to find conversion paths and interaction levels. People want to make their lives better, not just buy stuff. Assign them objects that align with your sales funnel. Now you can draft increasingly refined messaging to appeal to your target market.

The Fundamentals of Reddit Marketing

csm1Reddit isn’t a social bookmarking site, and linking to Reddit is not recommended. You can use it for SEO, because Redditors post content they discover on Reddit to their own channels. So focus on creating good content. 

Make sure it contributes value, so it will get upvoted.

You’ll have to become an active member of communities related to your business. Be honest and upfront about who you are – Redditors appreciate that. Be accessible; stick around and engage the community. If you have expertise, Redditors will ask questions and debate your content. You can also use Reddit to fine-tune content and get feedback and hold a Reddit AMA.