Captivating News – Achieve Growth on Pinterest

Achieve Growth on Pinterest

csm1Pinterest now accounts for 25 percent of retail referral traffic, and drives four times more money per click than Twitter. You should decide if it’s the right fit for your brand, then figure out if you’re already getting any referral traffic from Pinterest.

Do you have the resources to create a constant stream of good images? Pin consistently and frequently, especially on afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays. There are days that are good for different types of topics. Only pin good quality images, make sure descriptions are full of keywords, and organize your pins. Confirm your website, use rich pins, and optimize your website to be Pinterest-friendly.

Things You Should Do in Social Media

Listen, collaborate, measure. Social media begins with what people are saying about your brand, unlike traditional marketing, which is about getting a message to a target audience. Listen to your users, so you can initiate a sensible conversation.

Create a baseline for metrics and build a strategy around that. Find your influencers. 

Encourage collaboration everywhere. Moving customers and readers is a “must do.” For your blog, define objectives, listen, organize, engage and measure. Engagement brings more engagement. Measure your efforts to understand how effective your marketing strategy can be. Link social analytics with business analytics.

PPC Money-Making Tips for Retail Marketing

csm3Retailers won’t survive without a robust PPC ad strategy. It’s tough to stand out. Decide whether to allocate budget to search or shopping, based on your goals. Separate shopping campaigns by priority, so you can adjust budgets in a logical manner. Ensure images are high-quality and prices are accurate.

Use reviews, badges and merchant promotions. Structure search campaigns based on site navigation and product groupings. Remember that numbers make information easy to understand; use them! Understand your seasonal peaks, and plan accordingly. Take advantage of automation, as quantity is often better than quality in terms of retail. Create return buyers through remarketing strategies.