Captivating News – A Reputation Touch-up Anyone Can Do

A Reputation Touch-up Anyone Can Do

csm1A 2014 survey said that 54 percent of American consumers decided not to do business with a company because of something they learned about its products, service, or employees. Combat this by running a reputation audit of your company on Google, write down the issues you see and the keywords involved, and add to your content marketing plan.

Read new company reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Address them as needed, either privately or in public. If you do it in public, it shows you notice and that you care. Scan Facebook/Twitter for negative comments and delete or actively handle them. You can do all this in 60 minutes a day.

How Video Interviews Attract Authority Links

csm2Creating quality content can be time-consuming and expensive, but interviews with experts are great, and affordable. All you need is Skype or Google Hangout, a recording device, and software with minimal editing functionality. 

Video interviews attract links from the experts, their followers, and journalists looking for an already-published quote.

Once you become a resource, you’ll attract resource sites and sites from different niches. Create by starting with people you know, be prepared, keep the tech simple, don’t edit out mistakes, get the footage live quickly, and have a process for generating interviewees. The more you do, the more you’ll improve.

Stay Ahead of Social Media Trends

You have enough to do, but failing to pay attention to social media trends means you might miss opportunities. You can use social media to do this – create a stream on Twitter with popular hashtags like #socialmedia, which will help you know what to expect for the next month.

Make a Twitter list of industry influencers and listen to what they have to say. Use Google Alerts on terms and influencers so you’ll get regular updates. Join LinkedIn Groups that talk about changes, news, and trends. Subscribe to social media blogs so you don’t miss anything. And go to social media conferences to hear from experts and ask questions.