Captivating News – A Guide to 10x Content

A Guide to 10x Content

csm1 It’s important to make sure your content stands out. Rand Fishkin coined the term “10x content” to refer to content that’s 10 times better than anything else produced by a search result. For a piece to qualify, it has to offer a uniquely positive user experience.

It must be high-quality, useful, interesting, and easily readable, with humor and high-quality links. It should offer a unique approach or a new presentation, load quickly, and evoke an emotional response. To create it, do your own research. Consider which questions your readers need answers to. Boost your user experience. Use visuals, and source high-quality information.

Email Marketing Trends We’ll See

csm2Email marketing keeps changing. Before 2016, we’ll see trends like lightboxes, which are pop-ups that some think are nuisances, but still grow email lists more quickly than traditional signup fields. Two-thirds of emails are now read on mobile devices, so keep emails simple and specific and not text-heavy.

Personalization will grow with the help of implicit personalization, with is target-oriented, and explicit personalization, which is oriented by marketing or email automation. Detailed and consistent tracking remain key to helping you understand your email traffic. The companies that get creative with email marketing will be the ones who grow.

How Being Emotional Helps Your Social Game

csm3The one thing viral videos have in common is that they make people feel something. Need examples? Look at the Kardashians, or when favorite characters die on TV shows. Emotion is what provides context to everything brands analyze on social media.

You can’t use keywords to figure out if someone loves or hates your brand because there’s no accounting for sarcasm. Brands that inspire deep emotion should be able to use it, and there’s a lot to work with if they’re paying attention. Know your audience and give them what they want – get to the heart of their emotions to make deeper connections.