Captivate News – Two-Minute Tweaks to Revitalize Your Blog

Two-Minute Tweaks to Revitalize Your Blog

csm1You can instantly overhaul your blog by making a title more compelling, linking to another post, updating your “About” page, adding a photo of yourself to help readers connect, or removing a widget from your cluttered sidebar. 

Also, it’s easy to get behind with dealing with comments, so check and see if any need a quick reply.

Put more information on your contact page, such as your email address, links to social media profiles, and information about your preferred contact method. Add “As Featured In” content to your header or sidebar. Fix a typo. And add a call to action, such as sharing, commenting, or checking out a product.

Getting Rid of Unnecessary Conversion Funnel Touchpoints

csm2Sometimes, too many touchpoints can get in the way of your social media conversion. To avoid roadblocks, skip affinity groups and target influencers – affinity groups don’t help you because they nudge people in many different directions. Target influencers, who have clout with large groups of people and can speak on your behalf.

Create great dedicated social landing pages – PPC landing pages for those engaged to buy already, and social landing pages to articulate a value proposition. Eliminate every touchpoint with native advertising. Use case studies instead of customer reviews, because they can be verified. You need your customers to act as brand ambassadors, and this can help tear down touchpoints for future buyers.

The Ideal Length of Everything Online

For tweets, the ideal character count is 71-100. For Facebook posts: 40. For Google+: 60. For content: 40-55 paragraphs. for domain names: 8 (no hyphens or numbers). For hashtags: 6. For email subjects: 28-39. For title tags: 55.

Use six-word blog headlines, 25-word LinkedIn posts, and 1,600-word blog posts (94 percent of posts that are read are under 6 minutes long). YouTube posts are optimized at three minutes, podcasts should be 22 minutes, TED Talks should be 18 minutes, and slides should have 61 slides over 6 minutes.