Captivate News – Questions to Ask Before Posting on Social Media

Questions to Ask Before Posting on Social Media

csm1The costs of a social media screw-up can be high. So, think before you post or you might find yourself in an online reputation disaster. First, decide if your idea has value for your followers. If it does, consider whether it fits the network’s mission. Is this the best format for the post? Are there good quality visual assets, and are they optimized for the network? Also consider if you’re posting at the best time.

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you may have to find a different topic or angle, choose a different network, adjust your format, or choose different assets. You may also want to 
save your post for a different time.

Creating User-Oriented Web Content

csm2Don’t try to sell your product cold; user-oriented content can help drive brand loyalty and create relationships. Listen to your audience, and do what they suggest. Research your target audience, and get to know them. Survey real people and look at trends. 

Have users submit their own content via email, hashtags, and replies.

Host an event. Use different strategies to target different demographic groups. Write content with user-focused language, and create written content that’s on their level. Don’t neglect your social media, because it’s an easy way to generate user-oriented content. You’ll benefit with more conversions!

The Best Time to Tweet

csm3According to a new study by social software company Buffer, the highest volume of tweets are sent between noon-1 p.m. – except in the Pacific time zone, where 8-9 a.m. is the most popular time. Evenings and late nights are the best time for total engagement.

But, if you want more clicks, shoot for non-peak hours; 2-3 a.m. is the best time to post – the traditional workday is the time with the least engagement. Buffer looked at 4.8 million tweets from around the globe to find the best time to tweet in other countries as well.