Captivate News – Pinterest Offers Video Advertising

Pinterest Offers Video Advertising

csm1Pinterest’s latest feature, introduced last week, are Cinematic Pins. These are video-like promoted pins, or ads, activated by scrolling. Pinterest says the new feature enables enhanced storytelling, and gives users control.

Pinterest has also introduced a number of new pricing options for advertising on the virtual pin-up board, which will allow cost-per-engagement and cost-per-action monetization, and you will start to see these rolling out to U.S. businesses this summer. New audience targeting helps marketers target their pins based on interests, life stages, and other areas. Pin Factory, a creative studio, is also available for use.

Alternatives to Dangerous Link Building Strategies

csm2Building high-quality links is a hard job, and takes “sweat plus creativity.” Building links the right way means not buying or selling links; instead, create high-quality content that will attract natural links. Don’t go for excessive link exchanges just for the sake of cross-linking. Make sure reciprocal linking makes sense.

Don’t stuff your anchor text with money keywords; use brand keywords or navigational phrases. Avoid adding links to just any web directory; search for trusted ones in your niche. This also goes for web directory listings. Look for active, relevant discussions to participate in.

Digital Coupons Are Driving Sales

Coupons are popular among every demographic. In 2012, 92.2 million U.S. adults redeemed online coupons; this number is expected to go to 124.4 million in 2016. And 59 percent of people think that providing basic login details in return for personalized offers is a fair deal. Also, 85 percent prefer personalized offers based on previous purchases.

More people are using coupons on their mobile devices, and a majority of those people are finding coupons through retailer emails and search engines (57 percent and 53 percent, respectively). Effective digital couponing integrates with email, includes visual appeal, targets customers, partners with a distributor, uses text messaging, encourages sharing, and offers measurable results.