Captivate News – Halloween Tricks and Treats for Digital Marketers

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Digital Marketers

csm1Halloween kicks off the holiday season for advertisers, and last year, $7.4 billion was spent on this day. A quarter of people start shopping in September, and another quarter waits until the last two weeks of October. Candy, decorations and costumes are popular.

Make sure your Halloween items are easy to find and buy. 

Consider adding sitelink extensions so shoppers can go straight to them. Remember that human and pet costumers are incredibly popular. Plan your mobile strategy accordingly, and note that visitors using mobile spend half the time on a website as those coming from a PC. Design accordingly. Use keywords like “costumes,” “selection,” “online,” “save,” “custom,” and “party”.

Trusted Link Building Techniques for 2015

csm2You should use trusted and true strategies that really work. This includes guest posting, which is still alive and well, although it has changed. It’s a more legit form of link building than it used to be, because it must be done on a personal level. It’s more about the quality than the link.

Creating how-to guides on your website is another great step. Use images, videos, quotes, and more. Conduct expert interviews in your niche to get a lot of valuable links. Sponsoring events is another strategy with good potential. One that companies are starting to do more is offering scholarships. The initial cost is high, but you might see a good ROI.

How Digitally Mature Is Your Marketing?

csm3Traditional marketing is on its way out. The goal for any business is to evolve from traditional “push” marketing to a realization that your customers are your most important asset, and referrals and word of mouth are key for growth. 

A more mature digital strategy counts on building connected, personalized experiences.

Consumers haven’t changed, but how they make decisions has. You must deliver the right message, in the right context, at the right time, on the right device. Today, it’s about experience marketing. Focus on the needs of the customers. Put your people before technology. Connect across channels; create new processes, adapt every part of your business, and touch your customers.