Captivating News – Make Your Tweets More Shareable

Make Your Tweets More Shareable

csm1Viral tweets boost awareness, sales, and campaigns. Have a straightforward Twitter name that reflects your brand. Get more followers by following people in your industry. Post sensible content. If it’s relevant, timely, and informative, you’ll build community. Answer questions, respond to comments.

Utilize no more than two hashtags to create instant connections, track trending topics, and up engagement. Target peak hours – Thursdays-Sundays around 5 p.m. are good. Use eye-catching words and phrases that evoke vivid mental pictures. Request for retweets sometimes. Give rewards, use Twitter cards, and make the most of images with Twitter’s native uploading systems.

How Content Can Convert Visitors to Customers

csm2Create compelling landing pages, because the first image is the lasting one, and passion can be reflected here. Encourage user-generated content. Reviews are helpful – even bad reviews for inexpensive items can lead to the sale of more expensive products.

Use personalization to greet costumers with products they are more likely to buy. Also, automatically-triggered shopping cart abandonment emails have a high return on investment. Finally, retargeting and remarking strategies work well for any business, large or small. Once visitors are reminded of the product they browsed, they are more likely to buy it.

Maximizing Ad Performance on Instagram

csm3Instagram ads are the latest marketing toy, and Instagram is rolling out ads slowly with clear guidance on what the audience wants. First, Image quality is key. Be creative for people who are seeking entertaining inspiration. 

Develop your own style and theme, with clear color palettes and image framing. This kind of distinction can help your content stand out.

Use images to tell a story, create emotional connections, and capture the essence of what you’re seeking to achieve. Eventually, self-serve Instagram ads will be available to all, and Instagram wants to improve ad quality ahead of any rollout to avoid a user revolt.

Captivating News – Is the Death of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Upon Us?

Is the Death of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Upon Us?

csm1Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough. Recent media reports say that Twitter will offer a long-form text option for users, to draw new audiences and keep it from slipping into stagnation. This means more freedom and a friendlier interface, but it also means more rein for distributing content to a massive audience.

Responsible posting will include only sharing relevant content. Keep content focused on your mission and the platform. Be picky – don’t flood your Twitter feed because you can. Inspire your audience to act with a call to action. Learn to fully capitalize on the newly expanded character limit.

Create Linkable Content Assets

csm2Focusing on link building is harmful, but you can increase links regardless by earning them. Tell a story and share the results. Share your company journey from the ground up. Conduct a study.

Review a product in your industry. This often helps people with their decision making process, and attracts attention. Do an Ask Me Anything event with people in your industry, which gives you branding and credibility advantages. Take part in conferences. Create a cheat sheet guide, which will increase new and returning visitors. These actions will help you earn links that you deserve, and get good results.

Why Visitors Will Abandon Your Website

csm3Some frustrating tactics are being used by businesses. Showcasing content using pagination can get annoying, especially if you end up having to refresh the page more times because of ads. Also, directing people to the wrong content can lead to a quick bounce.

Many business ask for a commitment, in the form of an email address, far too early. If they know nothing about you, they will close the screen immediately. Don’t hide your calls to action, which may cause people to abandon the conversion they were completing. Also, optimize for mobile with responsive design. Make sure ads don’t dominate.

Captivating News – How Beacons and Mobile Wallets Can Improve Customer Experience

How Beacons and Mobile Wallets Can Improve Customer Experience

csm1Beacons are low-powered devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Any consumer with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone can pick up these beacons with location-based content when they are close to a store that’s generating them. A number of businesses are experimenting with them.

Look at your location-based marketing strategy to identify where you can turn these moments of discovery into conversions. Couple them with mobile wallet offers. They may work for creating “next moments” after customers have come into the store. Gut-check with your customer survey data to answer questions about your customers’ motivations. Set realistic goals and do your homework to know limitations, resource requirements, and costs.

Using Reddit to Boost Your Following

csm2Reddit, with its seven million pages and 164 million unique monthly visits, is a good business tool. It looks like a mess, but is good at connecting people with content. Brands like Amazon, Ford, Nordstrom, and Xbox 360 have used it to engage with customers and the industry.

To use it for promotion, target your sub-Reddits to get at the heart of clients’ questions and curiosities. Personalize your Reddit stie to reflect your company’s interestes. Make use of Reddit ads so that you land a front-page spot. Reddit may seem intimidating, but it can be a fantastic platform for promotion.

Facebook Online Marketing Myths Busted

csm3Social media marketing is a science, but some myths have been circulating. For one thing, Likes on your page make no differecce. It’s about the engagement level – specifically, messages received. Also, having a post that is liked or shared doesn’t help as much as an entertaining post, or one that increases awareness of a new product.

Synchronized updates on various social media accounts are devalued by Facebook’s algorithm. Take the time to create content based on each platform. Also, hashtags on Facebook are not useful unless they are being used to identify a campaign that is the same across all social media platforms. Tagging other pages should be limited to relevant content, and should be used in moderation only.

Captivating News – Do You Have to Come First in Search?

Do You Have to Come First in Search?

csm1If you’re not first in the SERPs, it’s bad, right? But search engines are so intuitive, does it matter anymore? Search result snippets (text shown the URL) are achieving higher click-throughs than the results featured above them due to visuals and bright symbols.

You can add rich snippets to your search results through Schema markup, the preferred markup method by Google, Bing, and other search engines. Go to to see the vocabulary you need to markup your page properly. Note that rich media is no guarantee, but it might make your link more attractive. If your content is still poor or irrelevant, it will be judged as such.

If Content Marketing is SEO, How Do You Create Quality?

csm2Content has always been a factor in SEO, though today quality is what you want instead of quantity. We’re not sure what Google perceives as quality, but highly informative content still dominates.

Readability and relevance are obvious points. Cater to your audience, though, and you should be fine. This is true in terms of language, vocabulary and content length. User experience is also important – if your blog is difficult to navigate or aesthetically poor, nobody will stick around for long. Bounce rate also determines your ranking, so think about your design. But be original; create original content, invest in real-world experiences, and diversify your strategy (add video, for example).

How to Write the Perfect Tweet

csm3Be personable. Write as humanly as possible, while keeping your brand identity and tone. Use words like “you,” “we” and “us.” Your audience should know you’re on their side. Ask questions – but not one that requires a yes or no answer.

Offering stats, information, and tips using the word “here” is a good idea. Numbers and facts get great engagement. Use quotes, but make sure they’re good. Put hashtags at the end of your tweet, but no more than four. Know your twitter keywords and use them. Use the headline of the article you’re sharing. Don’t forget to attribute!

Captivating News – Be A Better Copywriter

Be A Better Copywriter

csm1When making a small request of readers, give any reason why they should do it and it’ll work! Offer people value and know whom you’re targeting. Successful marketing does not involve guessing, so track your ROI to find out what’s working. Frame your requests in terms of a related principles and beliefs.

Everyone is motivated by survival, enjoyment of food and beverages, freedom from fear and pain, sexual companionship, comfort, superiority, protection of loved ones, and social approval. Relate to any of these factors to improve sales. Also, simplicity is good. Use short words, sentences and paragraphs, and personal pronouns. Stand out by determining the stages that a market can develop into, and then show – don’t tell.

Google Shopping Updates To Know This Holiday Season

The new Shopping Assortment Report helps you identify popular products that might be missing from your feed, especially if there’s high demand. Filter to see what products make the most sense for your business.

The line of promotional text found in Product Listing Ads is gone, to be replaced by an automated extension pulled from the Merchant Center and feed. This means less manual customization, but you should optimize your feed. Google is prioritizing local inventory ads so shoppers get more tailed ads at opportune times. Advertisers must keep pace with these updates to make the most of the new formats.

How Much Time and Money Small Businesses Spend on Social Media

csm3Most small businesses spend about six hours per week on social media, and 55 percent have blogs. The average post takes 1-3 hours to create. Most post on Facebook and Twitter several times a week, but don’t do Pinterest and LinkedIn.

About 66 percent of small businesses are spending more time on social media compared to a year ago. They spend most of their time finding and posting content; learning and education comes next. Social media budgets are on the rise; most small businesses have increased their budget, and about 36 percent pay for publishing and analytics tools.

Captivating News – Twitter Making Push Into Video Content

Twitter Making Push Into Video Content

csm2 Twitter this week unveiled two big updates. The first is that users can now upload video content through the Twitter desktop application, and new editing tools are available. Previously, you could only do this through mobile. Videos must be under 512MB and 30 seconds in length, but a new trimming tool lets you edit this.

Twitter has also announced changes to video ad offerings, so it’s easier for advertisers to run pre-roll ads on organic content without having existing publisher-advertiser deals in place. Reports suggest the ad revenue split would be 70 percent to the publisher, which is better than other platforms.

What Mobile Users Really Want

csm1It’s not just information, it’s how the information is presented. In a survey mobile users said they tend to search for restaurants, followed by entertainment options and retail businesses. These are all on-the-go needs. They want contact information and business hours displayed prominently, and click-to-call is a bonus.

Prices are also important, along with directions and photos. Testimonials, video, social media links, informational articles and blog posts were sought after by some respondents. The more easily navigable information a site can have, the better. Bad web design is a killer, but many people have discovered new businesses through phone searches.

Reasons Brands Should Be on Instagram Now

csm3Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, second only to Facebook now. It’s popular with younger demographics, but advertisers have only recently started to adopt it, so there are opportunities available.

There’s a sense of community on Instagram that develops organically on Instagram, and engagement is a given because it’s easy and numbers can get high. Also, many Instagram users are based outside the U.S., so you can communicate globally. There’s room for creativity, with filters and other tools. And Instagrammers are open to new perspectives and discovery. Advertising is subtler, but there’s a window of opportunity now.

Captivating News – Humanizing Your Email Marketing

Humanizing Your Email Marketing

csm1Before you send off emails, ask yourself if they are interesting, and relevant. Would you want to read them? Are you creating value and educating the user? Are you encouraging action?

One easy way to increase engagement is to have emails come from an individual. You can also encourage engagement by posing a question. Also, make sure to incorporate relevant visual content to draw in readers and make text easier to scan. Personalize as much as possible. Be entertaining – add some humor and personality. Your emails are an extension of your brand.  Send “just because” emails – ones that aren’t selling anything, just lets recipients know they’re important.

Funky-Fresh Facebook Ads

csm2Facebook has gone all in to provide businesses with tools. It offers a Call Now button that is important for lead generation, so people can call you right from the ad. Also, Facebook product ads are like Google’s dynamic remarketing display ads. They use Facebook’s targeting parameters, or the consumer’s history on your site, to serve ads.

Facebook has extended carousel ads to mobile, and allows you to display multiple images with different links within one ad unit. Updated ad tools such as Power Editor and Ads Manager have added functionality. Facebook earlier this year released an Ads Manager app to track, edit, schedule, and create right from the app. You can now use animated GIFs, too.

What Not to Do With Your Content Marketing

csm3Easily preventable content mistakes can be well-publicized and spread quickly across the web. These come in all shapes and sizes, from misspellings to blatantly insensitive marketing. You can prevent them with a good content team of planners, writers, and editors – if you don’t, you’re opening yourself up to costly mistakes.

DiGiorno’s #WhyIStayed tweet saying “You had pizza” and Mitt Romney’s app misspelling “America” are examples of crazy content mistakes. A good content team can save you from a lot of embarrassment, in social media, blogs, articles, speeches, and can plan, distribute, and write content that’s suited to your target audience. Our world is connected, and mistakes make companies seem less credible, less authoritative, and less intelligent.

Captivating News – Testimonials: Increase Your Visitors’ Trust

Testimonials: Increase Your Visitors’ Trust

csm1Having testimonials isn’t enough. They work on the basis of social proof, but you should have some that say why your product is awesome. They should touch on the buying process, delivery, and other aspects. When they work, positive reviews can significantly increase sales.

Even negative reviews can be useful if you’ve shown you’ve responded. How you react to negative reviews is important. Storytelling is all the rage right now, and can affect behavior. But this is where it gets tough, especially if you offer a product that doesn’t necessarily solve a problem. Photos are often a good thing, but this depends on your audience. Testimonials from influential people are helpful, and placement is important.

Improve Landing Page Conversions

csm2Landing pages are designed to generate conversions. So, you should limit links – these are potential exit points for visitors, unless they are your call-to-action. You should also split test different variations of your page. Even subtle changes may make a huge difference, but the only way to know this is to test.

The single most important element may be the call-to-action. Make it stand out, use a mouse-over effect, place it above the fold. Add customer testimonials, because they will make customers more inclined to take action. Don’t forget to optimize for mobile traffic; you could be losing 50 percent or more conversions right off the bat otherwise.

Invest in Infographics

csm3You need to invest in infographics, because visual data is absorbed 60,000 times faster than text data. We love figures, but we have no time to digest data, so readership increases if you invest in infographics.

Infographics can increase brand awareness if they tackle related topics. They also produce great traffic. People will want to know more about you if they see compelling content. Infographics work well with social media, and increase your follower numbers. They tend to get shared and engaged with. Also, in today’s global economy, they’ll be delivered to everyone, everywhere. They’re taking over the Internet!

Captivating News – Improving Your Social Media Customer Service

Improving Your Social Media Customer Service

csm1More and more people turn to social media to interact with brands, so social media customer service is no longer a choice – it’s an essential piece of your strategy. This is real-time interaction, and can sometimes offer the only available communication tool in a crisis.

Flexibility and efficiency and an understanding of process and customer experience are required. You must have tools in place to alert you to indirect mentions. Agents must be carefully profiled, with a knowledge of both customer service and marketing. A digital trail means that brand showcasing must be done here. Deal with direct comments, high-ranking influencers, and priorities first. Move issues to private, but close with a public comment. Create content to answer common questions.

Avoiding Budget Horror Stories

csm2Use campaign budgets to set a maximum dollar amount for all keywords, and use shared budgets for campaigns with similar searcher intent and volume size. Initially, you can set a daily budget based on the number of campaigns and organizational goals, then gather data to adjust allocation by important metrics.

Then, you can maximize budgets. Set them higher on priority campaigns, explore performance estimates, use Accelerated Serving, and control relevancy through negative keywords. A budget can also be micro-tuned. Set a Standard budget, to serve ads evenly. Use data to determine the best times of day and days of the week to run ads. Analyze performance by geography and adjust geo-targeting and bid modifiers.

What Photos Get the Most Likes on Instagram?

csm3Sometimes it’s the superficial stuff that can make all the difference. The lighter the image, the better. Give people more background and less close-up. Images with blue as the dominant color  are better-liked than those with red. Images with lower saturation get more likes than those with more.

A single dominant color generates more favorable interaction. Also go for images with high levels of texture. And, believe it or not, duck-face selfies generate 1,112 percent more likes than traditional selfies. This information comes to you from Curalate, which examined image features with custom image-analysis algorithms.