Twitter Marketing Services

Effective Twitter marketing services are often tenacious, thorough, and impactul. From helping to expand the visibility of your top-tier content, drive traffic to your website, or promote a special event to a local audience, Twitter marketing offers incredible potential for all types of businesses. And because tweets and Twitter content can appear in Google’s search results, this prolific social media platform has direct SEO implications as well.

Twitter Marketing Services Atlanta

Captivate is part search marketing agency, part social media agency. In turn, we help businesses harness a number of channels to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy. In turn, we’ve evolved as a trusted social media advisor and Twitter marketing agency in Atlanta, consulting and managing campaigns for a number of different businesses.

Why Twitter Marketing?

Did you know that Twitter has over 300 million active users and almost 80% of them recommend a brand that they follow? Many businesses, particularly those in B2B, overlook Twitter as part of their social media marketing strategy. This is often based on the assumption that their products and services are not relevant for advertising and promotion across a real-time social platform like Twitter.

In reality, Twitter presents a massively underutilized opportunity for businesses to cultivate valuable relationships with their targeted audience, converting them into brand advocates and repeat customers. What’s required, however, is an integrated Twitter marketing campaign that hinges on consistent creation of original, engaging content that attracts followers and converts them into customers. Much of these efforts can be seamlessly integrated with other social media efforts, like Instagram and Facebook marketing.

With creative outreach, meticulously-sourced tweets, and a touch of wit, it takes a conscious and concertive approach to making the most of your Twitter marketing efforts. Your business needs to be actively engaged on Twitter, both consistently and mindfully. In turn, you can cultivate a wealth of loyalty and trust, which can help facilitate follower growth, shareability, linkability, inbound marketing, and SEO.

Your Atlanta Twitter Marketing Agency

At Captivate, we help you develop an organic and paid Twitter marketing strategy that increase your business’s bottom line. By engaging with your followers, scheduling curated and original content tweets, participating in trending topics and Twitter chats, and creating highly targeted paid advertisements, our Twitter marketing services generate brand awareness and meet your social marketing goals. We offer the professional experience in managing successful social media advertising campaigns on behalf of companies across a variety of industries. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to get started.