LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn marketing services can help companies address a number of different needs. From advertising the core products and services of the company, expanding the reach of content, or recruiting top-notch talent, LinkedIn marketing can used on many different levels.

As the primary social media platform for professional networking, LinkedIn marketing works better for certain businesses over others (such as social media marketing via Snapchat or Instagram.) Companies with a clear value proposition or unique selling points can often leverage LinkedIn to get the attention of highly in-market users. Further, businesses can optimize their LinkedIn presence for search. So when users turn to LinkedIn to find specific specialists, consultants, or service providers, there’s a reason why certain pages rank atop LinkedIn search.

LinkedIn Marketing Services Atlanta

Captivate is part search agency and part social media agency. As a result, Captivate has cultivated a reputation as one of the top LinkedIn marketing agencies in Atlanta. Having helped professionals optimize their LinkedIn pages, curate and develop content, and leverage social advertising capabilities, the professionals at Captivate offer the experience and expertise businesses seek in LinkedIn marketing services.

Why LinkedIn Marketing?

If you’re business is relevant to the professional world of consultants, strategists, or niche industry experts, then LinkedIn marketing is social media avenue worth exploring. LinkedIn is an effective platform to promote content that offers valuable insight as to what your company offers. Perhaps your business has expertise in a particular service or unique product that suits a specific need. On LinkedIn, you can make your offering known with relevant industry professionals, and in a meaningful way. By featuring top-tier content, whether it be educational articles or informative videos, your company can cultivate the engagement, trust, and loyalty users seek in a reputable business. 

In addition to marketing, more and more businesses are using LinkedIn for recruiting and acquiring the right talent they need to thrive. This has made LinkedIn one of the most powerful social media platforms for recruiters as well job seekers. And for freelancers and consultants looking for gigs, there’s no better time than now to optimize your LinkedIn presence for better rankings in its search results.

Your Atlanta LinkedIn Marketing Agency

As a search-first social media agency, we at Captivate can help your business use LinkedIn in many different ways to support your marketing efforts. From traffic-generating advertising campaigns, accelerated content marketing efforts, events and special promotions, or recruiting, LinkedIn may a vital element to a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Don’t settle for just any LinkedIn marketing agency in Atlanta. Leverage an integrative marketing approach that helps grow your business through several relevant channels. Setup a free, no-obligation consultation today and contact Captivate to get started.