Social Media Community Management Services

Social Media Community Management AtlantaCaptivate offers social media community management services for brands that seek to improve how they engage with their audience. Through consistent, relevant, and engaging posts to making timely replies to comments and inquiries, all types of businesses and brands have a lot to gain by investing in social media community management services.

An experienced community manager can help improve how users interact with your content as well as your social media presence as a whole. In turn, you can see dramatic improvements in social engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.), the volume new social followers, and the increased amount of traffic coming to your site. We can help you track and monitor metrics like these to ensure our social media community management services are having an impact.

Cross-Platform Social Media Community Management

As the community manager and social media agency for all your accounts, we take responsibility for knowing and understanding your brand story and your brand voice. We also handle all aspects of social media community management across all platforms. So whether your brand is more prolific on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, we can be your brand advocates in the complete social space.  

The Value in Community Management for Social Media

As community managers, we take the time each day to be active within your communities and content with potential customers. As a result, we provide tangible value to our clients in many different ways.

Audience Growth

It takes a thoughtful social media strategy and diligent effort to build your audience. Captivate employs best practices and our proven methodology, unique to each channel, to systematically grow your following week over week, month over month.

Community Engagement

We can manage the day to day, posting original and curated content.  We monitor conversations in your industry space and actively engage on your behalf.  We respond to questions and comments and engage with your audience in a way that is appropriate to your brand voice. In turn, this helps facilitate your online reputation management efforts.

Social Listening

We monitor shares, comments and likes within each of your communities to understand which content is performing the best. We track your target keywords and hashtags to ensure we stay abreast of and participate in conversations relevant to your business. We also monitor conversations that include the name of your brand to ensure we are able to quickly respond and engage with audience members offering feedback, whether positive or negative.

Content Creation & Custom Imagery

Our social team creates rich, engaging content that inspires confidence in your brand and results in more followers and increased engagement. When combined with content marketing, SEO, social media advertising, and other integrated channels, we create the blog post graphics, social sharing imagery, and other visuals to bring it all together.


We ensure your communities don’t follow behind by monitoring your competitors and industry trends to determine whether there are any weak areas to improve upon or strong suits to capitalize.  We are constantly testing out new platforms and social media tools to determine whether they are a good fit for your business and to help us manage your presence more efficiently.

As part of our social media community management services, we work with our clients in different ways, depending on their needs.  We can take full responsibility for community management, or we can supplement your existing team.