Social Media Advertising Agency

Social media advertising is of the most effective and highly targeted ways to reach new (and existing) customers. Whether you’re looking to generate leads or sales, build an follower-base, or increase the exposure of your best content, social media advertising can facilitate all that and more.

Social Media Advertising Atlanta

Social media advertising is any paid or sponsored content on social network websites. Social media advertising campaigns can include anything from one-off sponsored Tweets and boosted Facebook post, to a full scale, multi-channel, big budget campaigns. The value stems from targeting very specific audiences that are more likely to engage with your posts. And by measuring metrics like volume of followers, new lead/sales, shares, likes and other engagement metrics, we can ensure your business is seeing a worthy ROI when investing in social media advertising.

Social Media Advertising Services That Suit Your Business

At Captivate, we can help you determine the scale and scope of your social media advertising campaign. Whether the social media budget is large or small, we utilize the same proven processes to design an effective strategy.

As part of social media advertising services, we can help you target the right audiences, leverage your ad spend at the right time of day, and help users engage with your posts in more meaningful manner. And beyond generating more traffic and engagement site, our social media advertising services can lend to improved search rankings and online reputation.

Our Agency’s Methodology to Social Media Advertising

We create and manage highly engaging and targeted social media ad campaigns as well as special promotions.  The methodology of our social media advertising services incorporates both creative and analytical strategic-input. Our team of experts can help you in all of the following areas of social media strategy, execution, and management.

Social Media Advertising Strategy

  • Set targeted campaign objectives
  • Determine target audience and targeting parameters
  • Optimize advertising budget and schedule
  • Design and develop engaging ad content
  • Designing for impressions vs engagement
  • Mobile optimization

Social Media Advertising Execution and Management

  • Beta and A/B test your paid social ads
  • Rotate and refresh ad creative and messaging
  • Optimize and adjust spend and parameters during the campaign
  • Conversion tracking and reporting
  • Tagging and remarketing to your website visitors

New to social media advertising?  Don’t worry, we will be happy to show you the ropes as we craft your campaign. our social media advertising agency can help you target the precise audience segments to see the greatest engagement.

Don’t know the difference between a carosel, slideshow and canvas, don’t worry – you will soon! Dig a little deeper and learn how we approach social media advertising for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Search-first Social Media Advertising Agency

As Atlanta’s premier search-first digital marketing agency, we often use social media advertising to increase the potential of more long-term SEO strategies. By increasing the exposure of your SEO-friendly content on social media platforms (i.e. blog post, video, graphic, product page, etc.) you’re more likely to increase the volume of traffic, links, and level of engagement.

All of these metrics are search engine ranking factors that directly impact SEO. As a result, your online presence can experience massive gains in traffic through multiple channels. It’s just one way we at Captivate provide services that go beyond most social media agencies in Atlanta. Our search-first methodology and intelligence-driven strategy development enables businesses to grow their online authority in more ways than one.